Research & Development

Decades of expierience
in Screw technology & Production

Developing the Future

The secret of producing a good screw is its foundation – the rolling die that is used to thread the screws. Thus, we do not only monitor the screw production process but also the rolling die production. The quality of the rolling die is crucial and as equally important as the screw.



powerful knowlegde from design till production



Decades of experience from the first drawing to the final product


QR & Regulatory

Extensive experience in quality assurance, regulation including the digitalization process

Technology & Patent

TENZ Stairs Thread Technology® has patents in over 50 countries worldwide. TENZ® Low Energy wood screws are produced by TENZ® authorized screw and rolling die factories that meet our high standards and requirements.

TENZ International Limited is the sole licensor for TENZ® in Asia. All screws and tools must be sold through TENZ International Limited fulfill all patent and brand rights.

Only TENZ® authorized factories can produce TENZ® screws and tools. Join us and become a TENZ® manufacturer, please Contact Us.

For other possible cooperations, please find out more about Partnership.

Patented Worldwide